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  • Winter hardy variety when protected
  • Attractive container plant


NEW! Medium-sized fruit with a rich flavor. Self-pollinating. Does well when container grown. Must have winter protection in zones 5 & 6 (move indoors). If planted outdoors in warmer zones, does better in a protected area along a south wall. Can grow to over 10 feet tall. (zones 5-9) *No warranty coverage for winter kill/weather-related issues on figs.

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Plant Details:

Figs will grow in a wide variety of soils with a neutral pH.

Do not plant in any media other than soil.

Dig a hole large enough to accommodate roots without crowding. Water plant in well. If potting, choose a container large enough to allow for root growth. Upgrade container size as plant grows. Do not trim roots.

Spring. If planting outside, keep protected until outside temperature reaches 50°F.

Full sun to part sun (outside). Figs need 6-8 hours of sunlight per day. If indoors, place in a sunny window.